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Schon seit längerem folge ich der britischen Fotografin und Kids Fashion Stylistin Bonnie van Gel auf ihrem Instagramaccount @pepper.pics und bewundere die wirklich tollen Fotos ihrer Tochter Pepper. Hier wird Kid’s Fashion innovativ und künstlerisch in Szene gesetzt mit ganz viel Liebe zum Detail.

Da Instagram die Welt oft näher zusammenbringt habe ich ihr einfach geschrieben nach einem Interview gefragt. Lest hier über ihren Weg vom Hobby zur Profession der meist auch harte Arbeit bedeutet.

Das Interview und ein kleiner Auszug ihrer wunderbaren Fotos seht ihr hier:

Fotografin und Stylistin Bonnie van Gel von pepper.pics


Bonnie, how did it all start? Was it your idea?

4 years ago, when Pepper was 3,5, I started blogging for a Dutch blog. On a weekly base I wrote a blog about an outfit or brand and added some pictures of Pepper. She was still a baby and the pictures weren’t anything like they are now but at some point I started sharing some pictures on my IG account. Some brands reposted them and I slowly gained followers. That’s how this worked I thought by myself and I tried to develop myself in my posts. It all went very fast. One year later I had over 1000 followers. Brands and shops started to send me messages if I would like to take pictures with their pieces. And so not only the amount of followers gained but also the clothes in Peppers closet. I do have to say at this point she has three times as much clothes as I have and I can tell you, I have a lot! 😉
So it wasn’t a plan, it just happened. What didn’t just happen was the effort I put into it to make it more professional along the way. Around two years ago I got my first real photography assignment and I had to borrow a camera from a friend because I didn’t have one. All my pictures were taking with my iPhone. After the assignment I decided I had to get a professional camera so I could keep on growing and also develop myself as an photographer. I am a graphic designer by profession so the whole picture editing wasn’t new to me but it is a completely different profession.

How often do you shoot with your daughter?

I try to narrow it down to max two times a week. During the peak of the season when all collections just launched this is a little too less. Because I get so many requests. So during that time it can be three times a week. But not more than 1 hour. Because after one hour, or after more than three outfits Pepper gets annoyed and it doesn’t work anymore. I always make sure everything is done. All outfits have been spread out, I already have in mind what kind of picture I want, so I just have to do her hair, puts on the outfit and we can start shooting.


Are you doing it all by yourself? Styling, production design, costumes etc?

Yes, everything. I always say, I’m not the best stylist or photographer but I am a good ‘image maker’. I know what I want to show and how I want to show it. I am skilled in photoshop and I think because Pepper knows me and I know her well we make a great team.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to grow in everything. And to get more and more known in this industry. I’m a fashion girl and after having Pepper I became a fashion mom and this kidsfashion industry is just great. I love the creativity, the compassion, the people behind the brands. I hope to grow as a ‘image maker’ in kids fashion 🙂

Für mehr Fotos und Inspirationen geht doch einfach auf ihren wundervollen Instagram Account pepper.pics.

Fotos: Bonnie van Gel / pepper.pics

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